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What you get

Live Session

The world is changing; online is a HUGE ever growing space and we are super excited to bring you our online training sessions platform ‘InvincABLE Live’. 

Initial sign ups are subject to an assessment, which will assess your needs, so we can provide the best service possible to you. Read below to find out more!


All non member products include a one time assessment fee. You will not be required to pay this fee after your assessment is complete. If you are already a member please
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Sign up for out free live sessions available to you as a member of invincible fitness.

All you need to do is complete our assessment (€25 one off fee) to insure the safety of all who train with us!

This assessment includes:

*Full health screening

*Needs Analysis

*Fitness assessment

After you have been approved, you will have access to unlimited live classes for free!



How does it work?

Simple! You download the zoom app (it’s free) and you enjoy your training session from the comfort of your own home. It just doesn’t get any easier than that! 


Will I have support? 

Our instructors will be training you in real-time and will give you live feedback with the option to ask any questions as you go. So yes it is fully supported. 


How many classes a week will there be?

You will have access to 3 live classes a week and 2 pre recorded classes to enjoy at your convenience. If you happen to miss a live class, don’t worry – it will be recorded for you to do in your time! 


Does this option include a health screening assessment?

Yes, as with all our membership options we will screen all candidates prior to starting to ensure client safety. We do cater for all levels and we can facilitate members who need assistance from their carer. 

At InvincABLE Fitness we are so much more than a gym, we are a family / a community / a tribe! We will be hosting quizzes, ‘cook with me’ sessions and maybe even the odd game of bingo online! 

Your online membership is just more than just training. 

Join us TODAY for a totally different gym experience! 

Disclaimer: InvincABLE Online membership is only valid AFTER approval assessment has been completed. InvincABLE Fitness reserves the right to advise or recommend suitable alternative packages where appropriate.