InvincABLE Fitness

What you get

Basic Membership

Our BASIC membership plan is just €60 per month and gives you access to 3 classes a week, which works out at just €5 per visit!

Initial sign ups are subject to an assessment, which will assess your needs, so we can provide the best service possible to you. Read below to find out more!

The sign up fee will be charged upfront. The recurring monthly fee will be activated only after your assessment is complete.


All non member products include a one time assessment fee. You will not be required to pay this fee after your assessment is complete. If you are already a member please
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Would you like to benefit from a gym with a difference for as little as €5 per visit?

Well here at InvincABLE Fitness now you can!!

Our BASIC membership option allows our members to avail of so many elements of the fitness experience.

The initial one off €50 fee includes:

A full health analysis
3 Personal Training sessions (you & one of our trainers 1 on 1)
A specific to you tailored programme
We also give you access to our online system which will help you book sessions and track your progress.
Full professional on hand support throughout.

Once your assessment has been approved you will be put on to the €60/month Basic Membership which includes:

6/8 Week Tailored Programme
3 Training Sessions per week
Full professional on-hand support throughout
Access to our online system which will help you book sessions and track your progress.

While we are ultimately a gym facility; we are very proud to be extremely different to any other mainstream gym in that what we offer our members is a completely different gym experience.

We cater for those who have never been to a gym, those who have mobility/disability issues, those who struggle with lack of confidence/mental health struggles & we do so in a caring, fun & very professional environment.