InvincABLE Fitness

Our Story

A person’s physical ability can be impaired through ill health, injury, disability or simply the passing of years. Our mission is to help maintain, regain and improve their ability to move more freely, promoting the joy of movement in a safe and supportive environment.

Here at InvincABLE Fitness, we pride ourselves on inclusion; every single person who comes through our doors has an equal and important place here. Our members are at the very core of what we do and we are all about enhancing the quality of life of each and every person who puts their trust in us. With over 16 years of experience working in the industry and a genuine passion to improve people’s quality of life, we are the number one centre for people living in and around Waterford. We are proud to stand apart from the rest as Ireland’s only gym of its kind!

Why We Exist

We offer a superb all-round quality fitness facility, a professional service in a fun, relaxed and caring environment for members who struggle with mobility and disability. We are a team of 6 individuals who are here to help you reach your goals, no matter how small they may seem! We work in conjunction with Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and our members,  in order to make positive long-lasting real changes to lives.

At InvincABLE Fitness we offer tailored programmes specific to each individual and their unique needs plus we also offer personal coaching sessions for people of all ages. We cater for a broad range of disabilities, illnesses, mobility issues and confidence struggles. All results are carefully measured and recorded to ensure that improvements can be continuously made.We created this space to help change lives – one day at a time!


No matter what age you are or whether you have ever been inside the doors of a gym before, get in touch today to see how TOGETHER we can improve how you move! Call us on 051 591647 or message us here to book yourself in for a FREE consultation.

The Team

Laura Cassin

I’m Laura, a co- owner here at InvincABLE. What a journey it’s been! For years I had been looking for a place for my cousin Jenny to train and no matter how hard I searched, nowhere could cater for her needs. Jenny has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. While I could run around and play hockey and surf, I always felt guilty because she couldn’t do the same. I knew a gym would really benefit her and improve her mobility and overall all wellbeing. The only problem is, it didn’t exist!

In November 2017, myself and Rachel were having a general chit chat at a party, when we happened to arrive at the topic of the fitness industry. In hindsight, I know I must have blown the head off her as I ranted about how there was no gym facility here in Waterford that was suitable for a close family member due to her condition.

BUT, I was right… It was true… and it frustrated me…

Rachel seemed to really understand my concerns and told me about her passion for working with people with additional needs and how important it is to her. She had worked with many individuals but didn’t get enough time and there other problems that were the way. 

And with that short but meaningful interaction, something incredible happened! “Wouldn’t it be great if we could set up a center for people with disability and mobility struggles?…” I said. Rachel immediately laughed and we discussed the obstacles and challenges we would come across. 


BUT, like most ideas that are driven by passion (no matter how unrealistic or ‘crazy’), this idea was not letting go. Speaking to people who were struggling first hand in various ways, we were constantly reassured that this service was desperately needed.

I am a lecturer in the field of business, but when Rachel offered me a job in sales and marketing a few years back, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. She is an excellent manager, trainer and has the same values when it comes to how people should be treated. We learned so much working together and knew then that we could open our own “dream” facility! Fast forward two years… and we’ve done it! It has been a challenging and emotional journey, but we’ve done it!

It seems crazy to say that we’ve created Ireland’s first fitness that focuses fully on people who are struggling in some way, shape or form.

I am so proud of what we have achieved. Our team is honestly the most passionate, caring and hardworking individuals and we are so lucky to have them here.

Finally, to all our members. You drive me to do more, work harder and to continuously push for better. Thank you for being a part of our unique community and showing me what true strength is!

Rachel Beckett

Hiya, I’m Rachel, Co-owner and Head Physical Trainer at InvincABLE. Having worked in the industry for nearly 16 years, opening our unique facility is my biggest achievement to date. I have a passion for helping people who struggle and I am driven to break the stereotypes and barriers that the fitness industry and social media has created.

We have created a community that truly welcomes everybody and I have been lucky to be apart of lots of amazing journeys with our members. There are so many success stories that I could share but each and every person that has walked through our doors has touched my heart. 

InvincABLE is not just a business to me. It genuinely doesn’t feel like work, although our members keep me on my toes haha! I will constantly push myself to strive for better. Even though we have gone through turbulent times, we have always come out of it at the other end. This is all down to our fantastic staff and our incredible members. InvincABLE Fitness has lots plans for the future…watch this space! 

Katie Kelly

Hi I’m Katie, I’m from Cork! My passion for exercise came from playing sports from a very young age. I started out playing football, basketball and doing horse riding. I started up boxing when I was 14 and this is when fitness became the most important thing in my life. I then decided to do exercise and health in WIT. 

Throughout college I completed modules such as exercise with disability and exercise for older adults. I continued to complete my dissertation on the benefits of strength and flexibility for older adults. I also completed placement in brothers of charity, designing workouts for people with Intellectual disabilities. 

My passion for designing programmes to make people’s life better through exercise kept growing during my college. I want to show people that exercise isn’t just to make people look better but to improve quality of life. At invincable Fitness I love that there is no judgement and the gym is for everyone. The community and friendships that have been built from the gym is so heartwarming to see and be a part of.

Hey Everyone; its Amy here! I’m from the beautiful village of Stradbally Co. Waterford. I have a huge love of helping others, it lights me up and has always been my trademark; my motto in life is ‘strive to leave others feeling better than you found them’. 

InvincABLE Fitness well what can I say….I came through the doors of this incredible space in November 2019 having never ever been inside of a gym before & also at a time in my life when I needed it more than I knew. To me the world of fitness and exercise was always ‘for other people’. Living without limbs I had taken part in 101 fitness classes that were going to be ‘different’ but nothing was ever different and I was always on the outside looking in! However, when I was approached by IWA Waterford about a new gym that catered for people with different abilities I would be lying if I said I didn’t roll my eyes and that voice was there again ‘the world of fitness was for other people not for me’. But that being said I did agree reluctantly to go for ‘one wheelchair HIIT class’ and the rest is history. 

I went on to become a PT member the following February and life as I knew it changed forever. I was not only part of a world I never imagined but I was realising that I had a huge passion for it. So to now be part of the team just over 12 months later is completely beyond words! I’m truly grateful for the opportunity and I look forward to being part of the future growth of this life-changing place. InvincABLE Fitness isn’t just a place it’s a feeling; an energy & an experience that everyone reading this needs to feel for themselves! There are no limits here; no judgments, nobody on the outside….just 100% support and lots of fun too of course.