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Re-emerging From Lockdown!

Having followed social media platform updates for the past months waiting excitedly to see the words ‘ InvincAble Fitness reopening soon’ appear, these words to me would mean freedom, friendships, growth, results, goals & the return to my new found passion.

Then after the wait of a lifetime those words appeared on the screen, the email dropped….followed
few days later by a call from my wonderful personal trainer Rachel to advice guidelines going forward, how things would operate, the booking system etc.

Best info of my life right there, right?!

WOW, what a difference in how I expected to feel and how I actually felt in that moment.
On the phone I managed to reply and interact but in my chest I felt a tightness, an unease; the dreaded anxiety.
On finishing the call I was so frustrated & confused as to why I wasn’t instantly super excited….why I wasn’t immediately on cloud 9….I had just received the most amazing news….the news I had waited
13 long weeks for but I felt so many emotions at once that I was completely overwhelmed!

You know those times when you don’t know whether you want to smile/laugh or cry and you are doing well to just breathe? It was one of those moments for me. I calmed myself down by convincing myself that I would ‘go back in a few months, see how I felt
after awhile’.

You see I had grown so comfortable with just being surrounded by my family (those that knew me best) for the last 3 months that I was happy to stay there. My security blanket!

It didn’t matter if I never went back to the gym I would be happy regardless, right? Wrong!

One comment from my Mam snapped me back into reality; ‘Think of the reason you waited so patiently for that update Amy. You waited because it matters to you’!

And there it was right there in plain simple language….IT MATTERS TO ME!

InvincAble Fitness, the team there and what it represents is the single most amazing place I’ve ever been in my life ever. Even as I type this is feel such a huge sense of gratitude that I was brave enough to take a chance and to ‘try one more time’.

Let me introduce myself here and take you back a few months; how I came about being at InvincAble at all. So I’m living with a severe physical disability (I was born without full limbs) & I’m a
member of IWA Waterford which was the connecting block between me & finding InvincAble
Fitness. I can still clearly remember that day when Catherine Hennessy management @ Waterford Irish Wheelchair Association approached me about ‘trying some hiit classes at a newly opened gym which catered for all abilities’. Lets just say my previous experience with being part of exercise classes right
the way from my school years consisted of me spending most of the class watching everyone else stretching/moving their body parts that I was missing! Trust me not much fun but also what most people didn’t realise and through no fault of their own most don’t understand just how difficult that
can be on your head; watching other people do things that you know you can never do. It is heavy trust me; regardless of how ‘OK’ you are with your own path in life (and I am pretty OK with mine
most days) it is a difficult place to be. And it was always (yes more than once….more like 99 billion times) the same for me. I always signed up or found myself apart of these classes that would be ‘different this time’ and nothing was ever different. I was always the one on the outside looking in.
And I always left feeling a bit deflated.

So anyway, on the day I was approached about InvincAble Fitness I laughed and told myself  ‘something new’….’for everyone’….’I doubt that’….’Exercise isn’t for me anyway….I have no legs or
hands’…..’I suffer with arthritis’… not to mention never even seeing the inside of a gym before. But something inside me didn’t rule it out despite my self-talk & how glad am I now; call it fate, intuition or wishful thinking I said instantly ‘sign me up, I’ll go for one session’!

The rest is HISTORY!! I never stopped going back after that ‘one session’.

From the second I went through those doors life as I knew it changed. There I was…..feeling not just apart of something but actually smashing it!

You see InvincAble isn’t just ‘a gym’….no way!

When you go through those doors you don’t have a disability; a label… you’re not just a wheelchair user, you aren’t on the outside looking in….you are right IN THE MIDST OF IT DOING YOUR THING with so much support it is just beyond words!

I joined as part of a HIIT class with IWA and after our 8 weeks I became an PT member and maaaaan has working with Rachel transformed things for me; most of all my mindset! The trust I have in her and the friendship we formed still amazes me as I usually am not fully comfortable with people for so long; I mean sometimes it takes years & other times it doesn’t happen at all! During lockdown I have continued to work so much on everything that Rachel had taught me and honestly it got me though the toughest of days. And I am emerging a much stronger person, so much more mobile & with so much appreciation for life and living it to the fullest.

So….yes my Mam was right I will go back through those doors next week (booked in for the 2/7/20 at 3pm) and I will pick up where I stopped! I will do it for my future self!

Will it be easy? Nope.
Will my anxiety still be there? Probably!


I might even pop on a later blog and share with you all how I get on….Eeeeeeks wish me luck!!

No amount of anxiety or nerves will come between me and my goal of a better quality of life.

Remember….your health is your wealth!

Feel the fear & do it anyway; that’s life & that is how we must roll..

Covid-19 changed so much but it won’t change the HUGE love, respect & passion I have for
InvincAble Fitness; for Rachel, Laura, Jess & everyone that I have met along the way.
These ladies are INCREDIBLE and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

They have showed me nothing is impossible if you really want it.

If you are reading this and are thinking about giving InvincAble Fitness a try……don’t think too long
because the longer you think about it the less time you will have to just enjoy it there!!

As Nike say…….JUST DO IT!!

InvincAble is a place far beyond what the eyes can see; it is a place where the heart feels at home.

Much Love & Light
Amy xxx


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